New Earswick AC

New Earswick Angling Club was formed in 1948 and has a maximum membership of 40 anglers.

The Club holds a series of matches each year primarily from June to November. The rules of the club are that ALL members of the club except Honorary Life Members and Pensioners MUST fish at least three matches, other than the Memorial Match and the Away Day, each year that they are a member of the club. Failure to comply with this rule will result in termination of membership. Any member unable to fish any matches due to long term illness will, at the decision of the committee, keep their membership (AGM 1987).

Every member must be in possession of a current Environment Agency Rod Licence and a York Amalgamation Year Book.

Subscriptions for the year are currently £29.00 Full Members and £24.00 Pensioners.

New members are not allowed to fish the Brick Pond in their first year of membership unless accompanied by an existing member, (AGM 1998).

For further information please complete the form below:


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