Match Results 2017

Stamford Bridge 18 June 2017

1st Darren Barber 9lb 14oz

2nd Phil Wileman 6lb 10oz

3rd Paul Widd 3lb 11.5oz

4th Nigel Steel 3lb 8oz

5th Brian Gibbon 2lb 6oz

6th Dave Humble 2lb 2oz

7th Robert Howes 1lb 7.5oz

(8 fished)

Pollington 4 June 2017

1st Tom Carling 3lb 14.5oz

2nd Phil Wileman 3lb 9oz

3rd Malcolm Smith 3lbv 6oz

4th John Boyne 1lb 11oz

5th Darren Barber 1lb 8oz

6th Dave Brettell 1lb 7oz

7th Mike Messer 1lb 5oz

8th Brian Gibbon 1lb 3oz

9th Dave Richardson 1lb 1.5oz

10th Kevin Holmes 13oz

11th= Dave Newby 2oz

11th= John Wilkinson 2oz

(13 fished)


Rawcliffe Bridge (Wides) 21 May 2017

1st Dave Humble 4lb 4oz

2nd Dave Brettell 3lb 12oz

3rd Mike Messer 2lb 9oz

4th Brian Thomas 2lb 1.5oz

5th Phil Wileman 2lb 0oz

6th Brian Gibbon 1lb 10.5oz

7th Frank Linley 1lb 7oz

8th Andy Hurley 1lb 0oz

9th Darren Barber 13oz

10th Malcolm Smith 8oz

11th Tom Carling 7.5oz

12th Kevin Holmes 7oz

13th John Boyne 6oz

(19 fished)





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