2018 Evening Series

19 June 2018
1st Darren Barber 8lb 2oz
2nd Brian Gibbon 7lb 8oz
3rd Dave Richardson 5lb 0.5oz
4th Dave Dyson 2lb 10oz
5th Brian Smith 1lb 2oz
6th Maurice Jenkinson 7oz
7th Bob Howes 1oz

8th= Mick Healey D.N.F.
8th= Chris Adams D.N.F.
8th= Graham Fearn D.N.F.
8th= Brian Thomas D.N.F.
8th= Liam Bradley D.N.F.

28 May
1st Bob Howes 3lb 9oz
2nd Graham Fearn lb 15.5oz
3rd Maurice Jenkinson 2lb 8oz
4th Dave Dyson 1lb 0oz
5th Dave Richardson 11.5oz
5th Brian Smith 11.5oz
7th Chris Adams 5.5oz
8th Mick Healey 4oz
9th Brian Gibbon 1.5oz
Brian Thomas D.N.F.
Liam Bradley D.N.F.
Darren Barber D.N.F.

22 May 2018
1st Maurice Jenkinson 9lb 10.5oz
2nd Mick Healey 5lb 7oz
3rd Brian Smith 5lb 3.5oz
4th Liam Bradley 4lb 3oz
5th Graham Fearn 3lb 6oz
6th Brian gibbon 1lb 1.5oz
7th Dave Richardson 11oz
8th Bob Howes 8oz
9th Darren barber 3oz
Dave Dyson D.N.W.
Brian Thomas D.N.W.
Chris Adams D.N.W.

8 May 2018
1st Darren Barber 22lb 1.5oz
2nd Brian Gibbon 12lb 15oz
3rd Dave Richardson 8lb 11oz
4th Dave Dyson 5lb 154oz
5th Graham Fearn 5lb 6oz
6th Maurice Jenkinson 2lb 6.5oz
7th Brian Thomas 2lb 4oz
8th Mick Healey 1lb 8oz
9th Bob Howes 14oz
10th Liam Bradley 5oz
Brian Smith D.N.W.
Chris Adams D.N.W.


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